Business Advantages

The Silver Springs Airport has excellent facilities, such a 6000’ x 75’ lighted runway with beacon, LPV navigation approach, Jet Fuel, AV fuel (AV Gas 100LL), pilot’s lounge, AWOS, hangars for rent, tie downs, 24 hour security, and more! We are in the process of expanding the facilities with plans for new hangars and expanding the runway to 8480’. The airport has been continually improving the facilities. The picture below shows a graphic of the improvements planned.

The Silver Springs Airport, LLC has been working closely with local, state and federal government and the community to bring together a well-planned, highly efficient, state of the art infrastructure that will complement the area’s quality of life and business atmosphere.

Silver Springs Airport is located on 350 acres of Industrial zoned public land, available for development. In addition, there are approximately 400 acres of private land adjacent to the airport available for industrial and commercial development.

A well-planned roadway network is integrated into the existing network in order accommodate the community and future progress. In addition to excellent highway access from U.S. #50 and State Highway #95A, Nevada Highway 439 (USA Parkway) has connected Silver Springs to the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, and I-80. Silver Springs is the closest community to the new Tesla-Panasonic battery factory, Switch. Google and the numerous other businesses there.

The opportunities for commercial, retail, and residential development in this area are tremendous due to huge commercial development going on right now.

Silver Springs Airport - Master Plan
SSA Recommended Upgrades
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